Dude, if I can hear the music you’re listening to on your headphones over the music I’m listening to on mine, yours is too loud.

Just sayin’



new starts

A new start, a fresh page. Musings on life, the universe and… oh wait. That’s already been done.

Right then. Random ramblings from the inner workings of my febrile mind fuelled almost entirely by tea.

Yes, this blog used to be about tea. Tea is awesome. There seem to be a plethora of coffee shops on nearly every corner these days, but no equivalent tea emporia. Oh sure, you can buy a cup of tea at Starbucks or Costa, but it’s inevitably a teabag-inna-mug, or plonked in an all-too-small teapot (in the case of the aforementioned Costa) with not *quite* enough hot water to fill the all-important second cup.

There’s a posh tea shop in Leeds called Le Chalet, but a quick glance at the menu suggests that it’s the sort of place to go for lunch, or high tea with cakes and tiny sandwiches. Not that there’s anything wrong with high tea, cakes or tiny sandwiches, but what I’m looking for is somewhere that you can go and get a nice hot cup of tea (preferably from a teapot) and sit and read for half an hour.

I found myself in Costa today with one of their very small not-quite-two-cup teapots, reading my book only to discover that I was sat next to a chap who proceeded to carry out a very long, fairly loud and interminably boring work-related conversation. There were no other spare seats (believe me, I checked) and he was that particular type who was both amused by their own cleverness and entirely convinced that they’re 150% funnier than they actually were.

Sigh. All I wanted was half an hour of peace and quiet (and tea). Is that too much to ask?